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Old Capitol Area Chapter click on Family Support

Bottom row - 2nd from right. Wife of D. Nau jumping from Airborne tower at Ft Benning

Click on PDF for Annual GA MOAA Conference Agenda

Old Capitol Area Chapter Member,  Rebecca Husted   is highlighted in the "They Pay Me For This" segment in a recent MOAA Magazine.  Her love of horses, combined with her miltary background, results in a professional abilty to convey important, even life saving, instruction.     Click-on her name for more!     Click 4 arrows for full screen.      


 TOGETHER AGAIN   Program of The Old Capitol Area Chapter/MOAA

Celebrating the reopening of family visits to Georgia War Veterans Home (GWVH) residents

This is largest of two state owned and operated assisted living institutions providing skilled nursing for veterans in Georgia

  • Located in Milledgeville, Georgia

  • Provides residential care to over 200 veterans

  • Residents come from all corners of the state

TOGETHER AGAIN was put in place:

  • To facilitate family visits to GWVH residents

  • Residents isolated from their loved ones during the pandemic

  • Failure to thrive

  • Separated from family while in hospice

  • To draw attention to service to our country

    • 22 WW II vets at GWVH

    • Families also serve – Gold, Silver, and Blue Star families

  • To involve the community

    • Milledgeville Main Street – Milly Money

    • Visitors & Convention Bureau involvement with lodging selection

MOAA Foundation Community Outreach Grant awarded May 2020

  • Provides (pays) for guest lodging of GWVH visitors in community hotels

  • Pays for marketing, advertising and promotion of the program

MOAA brand being promoted locally and throughout the state

  • Photo ops for media exposure

  • Military Officer magazine article

  • Grand Opening event

  • Georgia Veterans Service Board presence

Visitation resumed 12 Oct 2020

  • Fisher House Hotels for Heroes inspired

  • Comfort Suites - in Milledgeville

  • Discounts for all GWVH visitors

Fund raising underway

  • MOAA chapters – GMOAA website

  • Other Georgia VSOs (auxiliaries)

  • Private donations

  • Gratifying response



Chapter President Col Jerry Johnson USAF (R)  (top row sunglasses), and other members of the chapter along with Milledgeville Downtown Development Committee team meets together for a city promotion program. Funds are matched and provided to visitors to our city.

 Union Recorder



Covid-19 Relief

The Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) is offering COVID-19 relief fund grants to individual veterans.  Briefly, qualifying individual veterans who have suffered from economic impact may apply for a grant of up to $500 to assist with household expenses.  They are asking councils and chapters to help identify active duty, veterans, and caregivers who may be eligible and in need, and to facilitate the processing of their applications by forwarding and collecting the applications, verifying service-connection (if possible) and forwarding completed packages to MOAA.  MOAA will verify qualifications and make the grant decision. 

Notice of the COVID-19 relief fund grants has been announced through the Georgia Department of Veterans Service network of field offices and the Georgia Military College network of campuses throughout the state.

Interested Georgia veterans are encouraged to contact Colonel Jerry Johnson for assistance in processing applications.  He can be reached by email at 

Jerry Johnson

Colonel Gerald A.Johnson, USAF, Retired

Director, Veteran Affairs, Georgia MOAA

President, Old Capitol Area Chapter, MOAA






Georgia Council of MOAA
Georgia Council of MOAA
Georgia Council of MOAA
Georgia Council of MOAA

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